Kristina's October Picks

Kristina (she/her) has been in our sphere for many years. Loved by everyone, her friendly and giving nature shines. She's the scent & music queen at Likely - ask her all about smells and sounds (and stickers)!

Playlist/Music to work to:
It really varies on my mood, but it usually needs to be UPBEAT or VERY MELLOW. I've started plugging some my fave songs in a playlist and so maybe I'm listening to that: teeny's fave songs 

Community Organizations to Support:
Parkdale Community Foodbank.  Food insecurity continues to be such a huge issue in our community, so organizations like PCFB are so necessary. They do so much!
Memorable Likely Moment:
My memorable moments happen daily here. We have the best customers and visitors so I feel really lucky for all the thoughtful and sweet interactions I have with folks. I usually crack up many times a day interacting with the little kids and animals that come by, as well. 


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