Kristina's March Picks

Kristina (she/her) has been in our sphere for many years. Loved by everyone, her friendly and giving nature shines. She's the scent & music queen at Likely - ask her all about smells and sounds (and stickers)!

Playlist/Music to work to:
Roedelius and Cluster.

Community Organizations to Support:
Toronto Indigenous Harm Reduction is a grassroots group providing important and much needed support in our community.

Memorable Likely Moment:
I just started making memories here so... Watch this space! However, in my experience as a customer, I've treasured coming to Likely on my birthday and treating myself to an Alicia Nauta screenprint or an OLO perfume. I feel like all the goods in this space are curated so thoughtfully and I'm often astonished by the specialness of the objects + art in here.