Since opening Likely General Gallery in late 2013, we've had the honour of watching over 150+ artists and vendors utilize our space. The gallery presents new work each month and openings are typically the first Friday of every month. We strive to be an open and inclusive space for up-and-coming artists to experiment with solo or collaborative shows. We typically book 6 months ahead. If you are an artist wishing to show, please don't hesitate to contact us with a proposal. 


 Likely General is not a scent-free space.
There is an accessibility ramp upon entering.

Gallery Hours
Monday-Saturday, 11-7


 C U R R E N T   E X H I B I T I O N   


 U P C O M I N G   2 0 2  0  E X H I B I T I O N S 

March 4th-18th | Andrew Zukerman, collage
March 20th - 30th | Simon Letourneau, photography + book launch
April | Alisa McRonald, textile/material arts
May | Meghan Mcknight, photography
June | Miyako, painting
July | David Woodword, mixed media
August 1-16th | Alyssa Goodman, ceramics and illustration
August 17-30th | Carly Ries, Curated by Frances Dorenbaum
September | Isla Craig, collage
October | Justine McGrath, glass 
November | Nolan Pelletier
December | Special Showcase 


 P A S T   E X H I B I T I O N S 


March | Andrew Zukerman, Collage

February | Kids Art Show 



December | Kristen Sjaarda, silk/photography/textile

November | Miranda Crabtree, drawing/painting

September & October | Sarah Cannon

July & August | What Would Love Do Now Pop-up

June | Window Installation by Maddy Matthews

May | Fallows | Chelsee Ivans

April | Artwork For Your Bathroom Wall…and other intimate spaces | Alisha Davidson

March | If 1 More Person Tells Me I'm Strong I'm Going 2 Cry | BlackPowerBarbie

February | Hell Heal the Periphery | Spencer Hatch



December | So Far From the Water and Thirsty | Alicia Nauta & Brooke Manning

November | Goblin Market | Anna May Henry 
October | Talk | Maryanne Casasanta

 August | Family Process | Glasstalisman's & Penumbra Glassworks

July | I Saw A Change | Hugh Matter

June | Kids Art: Inclusivity Show for Kids 12 and under

May | Drawings, Lorenz Peter

April | Colour Code Print Show |

March | Drawings, Erika Altosaar

February | Drawing Down the Moon, Shauna Eve

January | Lewis Pass, Angela Lewis



December | In The Sky, On The Earth, Lindsey Lickers

November | State(s) of Being, Alice MacClean

October | Fleeting Glimpses, Kirk Clyne

September | Tasteful Nudes, Cody Deane Cochrane

August | Half a Year, Andrea Manica

July |  Reaching for the Pearl, Diana Lynn Vandermeulen

June | Bric-a-Brac, Chris Foster

May |  Not Separate from a Dang Thing, Drea Scotland 

April | Catalog of Uncertainty, Alicia Nauta

March | Public House, Private Life, Alec Sutherland  

January |  Perennial, Sarah Cannon



December | Sagan Editions & Flying Books

October | Mineral, Mountain, Woman, watercolour drawings, Louise Reimer

September | Domestic Concerns, paintings, Laura Dawe

June | World to Come, watercolour drawings, Julia Dickens

May | Shadow Grounds, drawings, G.B. Jones, Adrienne Kammerer, Jamiyla Lowe

April | Bird Feels, Lucy Pelletier

March | Golden Lonesome, Arden Wray

February | Beyond the Starry Mountain, Diana Lynn Vandermeulen 



December | Felted Forest, felted sculpture, Marjorie Campbell

November | West Arm, photographs, Sarah Bodri

October | Come to the Mountain, oil paintings, Cody Deane Cochrane

September | V NICE V ZEN, visual and sound installation, Diana Lynn VanderMeulen

August | Please Do Touch, braille paintings, Devon Sioui & Faye Harnest

July | 4 Poets Celebration with installation by Andi Clifford

June | Rising Reflections, weaving, Katherine Salnek





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