Since opening Likely General Gallery in late 2014, we've had the honour of watching over 250+ artists and vendors utilize our space. The gallery presents new work each month. We strive to be an open and inclusive space for up-and-coming artists to experiment with solo or collaborative shows. We typically book 4-6 months ahead. We are currently booked for 2021/2022. If you are an artist wishing to show, please don't hesitate to contact us with a proposal via email. Likely General is not a scent-free space. There is an accessibility ramp upon entering. Gallery hours mirror in-store shopping hours.

 U P C O M I N G   I N - P E R S O N   2 0 2  1 / 2 2   E X H I B I T I O N S 

August | Vida Beyer, textile     

September | Char DaSilvia, painting      

October | Lisa Cristinzo, painting and installation

November | Olivia Di Gregorio, painting

December| Meaghan Mcknight, collage + ink

January | Jess Richter, drawing + painting

February | 4th Annual Kids Art Show

March | Suzie Komza, drawing + painting

April | Kristan Klimczak, photography

May | Alisa McRonald, textile

June  - 9th Birthday Thrift Sale

July - Mia Carnevale

August/September | Curtia Wright

October | Shauna Eve + Strangelove Flowers

Nov-Dec TBA

P A S T   E X H I B I T I O N S 

November | Ishan Dave, natural ink
October | Justine McGrath, glass + installation
August | Vivian Rosas, window installation 
September | David Woodward, Collage
March | Andrew Zukerman, Collage
February | 3rd annual Kids Art Show 
December | Kristen Sjaarda, photography + textile 
November | Miranda Crabtree, drawing + painting
September + October | Sarah Cannon, painting
July + August | What Would Love Do Now Pop-up
June | Maddy Mathews, window installation 
May | Chelsee Ivans, photography
April | Alisha Davidson, drawing + ceramics 
March | Black Power Barbie, installation
February | Spencer Hatch, painting
January | 2nd Colour Code Print Show 
December | Alicia Nauta + Brooke Manning, poetry + installation 
November | Anna May Henry, drawing 
October | Maryanne Casasanta, installation 
August | Glasstalisman + Penumbra, glass
July | Hugh Matter, painting + installation

June | 1st annual Kids Art Show 
May | Lorenz Peter, drawings
April | 1st Colour Code Print Show 
March | Erika Altosaar, drawing
February | Shauna Eve, drawing + illustration
January |  Angela Lewis, photography
December | Lindsey Lickers, painting + beadwork
November | Alice MacClean, painting
October | Kirk Clyne, digital installation
September | Cody Deane Cochrane, painting
August | Andrea Manica, mural + painting
July |  Diana Lynn Vandermeulen, collage + mixed media
June | Chris Foster, screenprint + installation
May | Drea Scotland, photography
April | Alicia Nauta, screenprint + installation
March | Alec Sutherland, weaving 
January |  Sarah Cannon, painting
December | Sagan Editions + Flying Books
October | Louise Reimer, watercolour painting
September |  Laura Dawe, painting
June | Julia Dickens, watercolour drawings
May | G.B. Jones, Adrienne Kammerer, Jamiyla Lowe, drawing + painting
April | Lucy Pelletier, ceramic 
March | Arden Wray, photography
February | Diana Lynn Vandermeulen, collage + mixed media
December | Marjorie Campbell, felted sculpture
November | Sarah Bodri, photography
October | Cody Deane Cochrane, painting
September | Diana Lynn VanderMeulen, installation
August | Devon Sioui + Faye Harnest, braille painting
July | The 4 Poets launch + with installation by Andi Clifford
June | Katherine Salnek, textile + installation


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