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 A B O U T   L I K E L Y 


Likely is art space and shop motivated by responsible consumerism, empathy, and transparency. Likely General began in 2013 from a deep desire to grow a multi-functional space connecting artists to the public in an organic, ethical, and approachable way.

We are an artist-focused shop, primarily selling the work and expressions of women, marginalized, queer, and non-binary folks first. We regularly host workshops, readings, book launches, and events, as well as monthly exhibitions  in our Likely General Gallery space. 

In 2014 we created a monthly donation goal and budget. We distribute these funds throughout our community and beyond based on need. In 2020 we have donated these funds to Foodshare, ESN, Sistering, Nellies Shelter, Toronto Prisoners Project, Toronto Rape Crisis Centre, Wet'suwet'en Legal fund, Ocama Collective, Black Lives Matter, Black Legal Action Centre, and the community of KI.

We donate on an ongoing monthly basis outside of this budget to Ubuntu Learning Village and the Parkdale Community Food Bank. 


Owner, Operator, Buyer: Brooke 

Magic Staff: Alicia, Mo, & Justine

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Likely General is not a scent-free space, though the vast majority of our scented offerings are essential oil based and/or natural. There is an accessibility ramp entering our shop and street parking available in front. For events, workshops, and openings, our washroom is located down a flight of stairs. No hate, discrimination, racism, sexism, homophobia - this is a safe and inclusive space. An ASL interpreter is available for workshops and events (ie, my Mom!)



Brooke will get back to you from this email address. If it is time sensitive please call the shop at 647 351 4590 or email our staff at likelygeneralstaff@gmail.com.


General Information:

For information regarding orders, shipments, pickup days, and day-to-day questions Alicia and Melissa can be reached via our staff email via likelygeneralstaff@gmail.com. 


If you would like Likely General to carry/sell your work: 

Thank you so much for thinking of Likely as a place to showcase your work. I receive many vendor submissions and though I do my best, I can't always respond to everyone.  I pick work that suits our customers and the shop, and I encourage you to keep doing what you love. Typically a response comes after one week and careful consideration. If you do not receive a response, it is never personal. It is likely because our shop prioritizes handmade work by women, non-binary, marginalized, queer, and trans folk first and we receive many submissions. At this time we are also prioritizing the artists we currently work to ensure they are supported by us throughout this difficult time we are still moving through. 


If you would like to show your work in our gallery space: 

The gallery presents new work once a month with receptions typically the first Friday of every month.  We open our shows on Fridays in order to be mindful of other galleries in the area that have fantastic openings every Thursday. Our openings are community oriented, and all are welcome. We receive many proposals as we strive to be an open, inclusive space for space for artists to experiment with solo or collaborative exhibitions. Due to COVID-19 some of our scheduled 2020 shows have been moved to 2021. I am currently not programming but you may still send submissions. Please include a general statement, examples of your work, and your website. If you are a good fit, and I feel I can properly represent you and your radiant work, I will connect with you regarding available dates. 


If you would like to use Likely General to host your event (i.e. book launch, pop-up, reading, etc.) or if you have a workshop proposal:

Please send a detailed proposal if you have not already. If your idea fits well within our shop mandate and the timing is right, I would love to work with you.