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389 Roncesvalles Avenue | Toronto, ON
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We’re Hiring!

Likely General is looking for a part-time sales associate one to two days a week (8-16 hours), with the potential for growth. We are looking for someone to grow with us; this is not a summer position. 

Are you: 

  • responsible + hard-working
  • friendly + kind-hearted
  • warm + patient
  • trustworthy + honest
  • task oriented + organized
  • self motivated + reliable
  • passionate about art, hand-made goods, community, and others?
…. then we want to hear from you!

Responsibilities and requirements of the position include:


  • an understanding and acceptance of matriarchal business models
  • a general knowledge of the products and services we offer with a keen interest to learn
  • an ability to multitask 
  • experience receiving, organizing, and entering inventory
  • an ability to handle customer concerns with patience and understanding 
  • an interest in creating and helping facilitate community events 
  • experience with cloud-based pos systems
  • an understanding of a newly established independent business with a genuine interest in helping it grow - we love excited visionaries!
  • handling online sales and shipments
  • pleasant and professional phone skills 
  • daily cleaning and organizing 
  • the availability to work flexible shifts is an asset 

Please send your resume, Instagram handle, and a short note about yourself to LikelyGeneral@gmail.com with the subject "Employment". I’ll be accepting applications until May 3rd and contacting potential individuals for interviews on the 4th.

Unfortunately I am only be able to respond to those that I feel might be a good fit. Thank you so much in advance for considering/wanting to work with us! I am so grateful. 

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For nearly a decade Likely had been a quiet, back burner dream of mine that I was anxious to actually try. In 2013 something shifted and I found myself planning. I had long since graduated OCAD and I really wanted to help grow a multi-functional space connecting rising artists and makers to  the public and consumers in an organic, transparent way. It's been amazing to watch the shop transform and I know it is because of people like you that continually encourage its growth. We'd like to keep hosting important events that need voices, book launches and readings, listening parties and motivating gatherings, and all you wish for this space. We'd like to continue to do ongoing work with important organizations too -- Sistering, The Trevor Project, Standing Rock -- and encourage you to let us know where you'd like to see our help. We are very motivated and passionate about responsible consumerism and social change. We have a monthly donation budget and it's there to utilize. If you have ideas, please reach out; We are open. 
Everything said, this is less about "me" and "us" as it is about you. I've always been hesitant to open an online shop because the aspects of brick + mortar are so important to me but, I know they can exist here too. So hello internet of 2017 (ha!). I'm grateful for your embrace and I thank you for encouraging us to grow alongside you. 
Owner/Operator, Buyer



Liz teaches workshops and is our resident tarot reader here at the shop. She thought her one and only career would be as a writer but she started reading tarot in 2008 on the advice of an astrologer and her life has never been the same.  Today she uses tarot to help others move past emotional and creative blocks, overcome any obstacles or setbacks, and begin to live with more purpose, confidence, and clarity. Liz believes that tarot can help you to better understand yourself, including your strengths and talents. Liz reads at the shop every Sunday from 1 to 5 pm, and hosts regular workshops as well. Learn more about her at www.lizworth.com


Alicia created and installed the wallpaper located at the shop back in both 2013 and 2015. Alicia also created the emblems representing each category on this website. She is a member of Punchclock, a graduate of OCAD, and runs regular free youth workshops at the AGO. A strong advocate of using her skills and labour to amplify voices and important causes, her free posters are often distributed at the shop but you can also find them here
 Jane is a rescue who loves basking in the sunshine, long runs in high park, and her independence. I'm lucky to be able to bring her to work with me! She can be aloof with strangers at first but the more she gets to know you, the bigger the grin. 



We are a very dog-friendly space and believe that the presence of these empathetic animals brings positivity, love, fun, and sometimes much needed chill. Stop by for a hang anytime! If dogs make you nervous, please let us know- we want all to feel comfy in this space.