Liz is available every Sunday from 1-5 for tarot readings at the shop. Readings are 20mins for $30. Until we get our scheduling system up and running, please call the shop to book. 647.351.4590. 

Some info from Liz:

What can you get out of a tarot reading? 

  • A clearer understanding about your path and purpose; 
  • Insights into your highest potential; 
  • Answers to specific questions about relationships, career choices, and more;
  • A better understanding of the options and opportunities that are available to you; 
  • Clarity about how to move forward during confusing or uncertain times;
  • Answers about where any big changes or major decisions will take you;
  • An overview of what’s to come, and how you can overcome any challenges that are up ahead.

Why should you get a tarot reading? 

    • Because you want to learn more about your life path, or are feeling called to make a significant change of direction;
    • Because you have a great idea and want to know where it will lead you;
    • Because you find yourself asking questions like, “Where should I go from here?”
    • Because you’re ready to take control over your own life;
    • Because you’re feeling uncertain or stuck and are looking for clarity about how to move forward;
    • Because you’re making some big changes and have some questions about where they’ll take you; or
    • Because you need some clarity to work through a block or obstacle that’s keeping you from where you want to be.

If you’ve read this far, there’s a reason that you’ve stayed, and a reason that you came to this page in the first place.

“There are many Tarot Card readers out there, but Liz is a natural-born oracle.”
– Marisa Iacobucci, writer, editor, blogger, and mompreneur

How does tarot work? 

The power of tarot is real, but you are part of its magic. Everyone can benefit from a tarot reading – even skeptics – if you are ready to enter into this experience with an open mind. Listening carefully to the messages that come through for you and being willing to put them into action once your reading is over is how tarot transforms for, and it’s where a reading goes from seeing the future to seizing it.

In terms of the mechanics of tarot, well, there is some mystery to it. A lot of people ask, “How do you know that just by looking at a few cards?” Since I started working with tarot in 2008, I’ve read for hundreds of people. I’ve committed to tarot as a personal, spiritual practice.

I know the cards in and out, but to be honest, there’s always an element of magic that makes a reading special, and that magic comes from the connection between me and my clients. There is something intangible about this.

When you get a reading, you’re accessing information from a higher place. That’s why this process requires an open heart and a willingness to dive in. No matter what, my goal is for you to leave our session feeling clear and inspired about who you are and where you’re headed.

Tarot works. I can’t always explain how – it still surprises me to this day – but this is the real deal.