• Brainbow Mushroom Superfood Truffles


Brainbow Mushroom Superfood Truffles


Cacao Cashew Butter:

Our take on a classic, ready to deliver that perfect boost of focus when you need it most. May cause truffle vision and result in you knocking it out of the park.

Rich cacao is perfectly enhanced by velvety cocoa butter and cashews, with powerful adaptogens to make it brilliant.

Cocoa Butter Coffee:

Our ode to an iconic duo: chocolate and coffee. Pairs perfectly with blank canvases, knocking things off your to-do list, or typing at a breakneck pace.

Cocoa butter and cashews bring the creamy texture, cacao, coffee and vanilla bring the lush flavour and adaptogens make it all. flow.

Both flavours may contain traces of gluten.