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  • SAYF Earrings


SAYF Earrings


These earrings are based on the tarot suit of 'swords.' The master model of this was actually carved as a replica of a baby robin's leg bone. Available as a taper earring or a dangler. Made from sterling silver.

by Mephíz

Marty Adem is a goldsmith, jewellery designer, visual artist, and musician living and working in downtown Toronto. They began their goldsmithing journey back in 2015 with an internship at Ichos Gold and Silversmiths in Germany, which inspired an interest in the craft. In 2017, they enrolled at George Brown College in the Jewellery Arts program, and also participated in an exchange with the Copenhagen School of Design and Technology (KEA) in 2019. Their work is greatly inspired by poetry, magick, music, nature, and daily ritual practices. They utilize traditional goldsmithing techniques as well as modern technologies such as 3D printing and algorithmic design optimization in the creation of their work.