• Flying Ointment
  • Flying Ointment


Flying Ointment


This ᖴᒪYIG OITET is a synergy of herbs + full-spectrum 'hemp' intended to relieve pain + enhance embodiment. 

 It invokes inner vision,

inviting you back into body.

when pain has made you feel

outside yourself.

 Massage into tense/achey/spazzing/stiff muscles + joints

  Apply as a throat/chest/abdominal rub

  Pre + post- body activity: enhance circulation, mobility, muscle recovery 

  Incorporate into somatic meditation, workout, physical therapy, bodywork, sauna, morning/evening routine...


 Contains  Birch bark^ +  Teasel root* + Arnica flower* + Comfrey leaf* + Saint John’s Wort aerials* + Prickly Ash bark^ +  Lobelia aerials* + Frankincense resin* + Lavender flower* + Wintergreen leaves* + Ginger root* + Orange Peel* + Sunflower seed oil* + beeswax* + raw Shea butter* + full spectrum hemp oil* + magnesium + flower^ (Dandelion + Manzanita + Ghost Pipe + Self-heal) + Rosemary seed extract + vitamin E



INFUSED + MELTED + poured in small batches in NYC.

GOODWITCH is part of a grassroots organization providing plant-based care as reparations.