Kyanite Armour

Kyanite Armour

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by Toronto designer Ashera Armour

Ashera Armour are wearable Crystal Armour, made of earth elements of crystals, minerals and metals. Designed as one of a kind Adornment and Wellness accessories, each Crystal Armour is made to expand and elevate the human, tactile and energetic experiences of this world with beauty. Ashera Armour was created by designer and founder Ilana Divantman, whose interdisciplinary creative work spans a trajectory of painting, performance art, theatre and academic studies.

Kyanite forms from the Earth in different colors of black. blue, indigo, green and orange. Blue Kyanite resonates with the heart energy of elevation and expansion. It is likewise a stone for dreaming, opening up channels towards clear answers, truths during dream state and astral travel.

Armour Length: 32 inches

Pendant Length: 4 inches

Length is measured flat by opening the necklace from clasp to loop. Use a string to get an idea of where the necklace will rest.

Kyanite Armour