• Stone Tulip Jar Candles - various scents
  • Stone Tulip Jar Candles - various scents

Stone Tulip

Stone Tulip Jar Candles - various scents


Some formerly best selling Red Sky scents here! Now by maker Laura who also makes our best-selling rolled beeswax candles.

4oz, 100% soy wax candles are the perfect scent addition to your space. Made with the highest quality essential and fragrance oils, these cuties will give you about 20 hours of burn time.

French Lavender: A true classic, our lavender scent is a special favourite. With dried lavender buds, this baby never goes out of style.

Deep Woods: Picture being in the middle of a forest, trees all around. It's that dreamy.

Spiced Eucalyptus: Top notes of herbaceous eucalyptus essential oil, with the finish of warm clove. If a spa day was a candle, this would be it.

Grapefruit: Fresh and bright, this is simply grapefruit at its best. Pure citrus, this cutie smells like a clean summer day.

Honeycomb + Bitter Chocolate: A super complex and nuanced scent; chocolate, almonds, honeycomb, cocoa butter, balsamic?! It's like a freshly baked, super fancy brownie. Yes, please.