You Are Magic!

You Are Magic!

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You Are Magic! is a book of affirmations, writing, and journaling prompts for my fellow trauma survivors. The zine includes 15 different affirmation collages. Across from each collage is my personal reflection on this affirmation, and some suggested questions for your reflection.

From the Author’s Note: I'd found a lot of self-soothing potential through affirmation cards, but a lot of the messages I was reading didn't quite fit with my values, politics, and identity. I'm a queer sick and disabled femme deeply committed to social justice work, and I wanted to see affirmations that reflected the ways in which trauma is something that impacts us on an individual and collective level. I wanted to see affirmations that reflected how systemic oppression causes and exacerbates trauma.

Product Details:

  • 5.5 x 5.5 inches

  • Riso printed in hunter green, gold, and bubblegum pink

  • 40 pages in total

  • 100 copies in the first print run

You Are Magic!